About Us

About Us

West Scottish Lamb is one of the leading processor & producer of British high-quality lamb and mutton that caters to the domestic and international markets. We are devoted to providing superior quality British livestock products to our customers with a transparent and honest service while meeting and delivering the high standards of the market.

West Scottish Lamb is a responsible & reliable brand and with the help of our credible quality assurance schemes, we are accredited. Our UK processing plant follows the animal welfare standards in accordance to the UK and EU legislation. We have established a strong and transparent policy for potential and new customers. Our policy allows our customers to visit and witness our whole process, from livestock to packing. We are devoted to serving our customers with at most integrity and respect.

Our Assurance

We are proud to be certified by globally recognized & accreditation bodies.

Also, British Retail Consortium (BRC) inspection team inspects our processes. We West Scottish Lamb is fully dedicated to the global standards of animal safety & welfare as we are aware that this is a significant factor of the processing system.

We are accredited by the leading animal welfare standard in the United Kingdom and Europe which is Assured Food Standards, Approved Meat Processor, Part of the Red Tractor Assurance Chain.

Responsible Citizens and Business Leaders

West Scottish Lamb strongly believes in following business practices that are environmentally friendly.  We have been taking constant measures in protecting our earth for our future generations. We follow environmentally sustainable practices which include harvesting the rainwater and recycling it for in – house cleaning, recycling waste from the processing plant which are later used as a fertilizer, even the carbon emission from our delivery vehicles are very low, our animal by – product is recycled in tallow production, our refrigeration systems are extremely energy efficient and the water is also recycled. We are resourceful in using our products